Our guest house is so fun ! ! !

Our guest house is so fun !!!

Hello! I’m MISATO.

Today I would like to introduce the guest house NEST’s charm!

1 COSPA ★★★

There are a lot of accommodations such as luxury hotels, business hotels, capsule hotels, etc. I think that the attraction of NEST is a low price x clean hotel after all.

Even in the review from the customer, I slept in a beautiful room!

I often get a high evaluation and … (# ^ ^ #)

The complete bathroom on each floor!

2 International exchange ★ ★ ★

Many customers come from abroad every day!

NEST has a golden time where foreigners gather at the same time! !

& nbsp;

Golden Time is, from 8 am to 11 am!!!

Common space of this time zone is always crowded with many guests (^ ^)

If you are not interested in foreign countries, why not come to NEST and make foreign friends?

3 access ★ ★ ★

NEST is approximately 2 minutes from Teradacho Station of the nearest station! Moth

There is also a convenience store and supermarket within a 5-minute walk, so access is also excellent for sudden purchases. ☆ 彡

There is also good access to tourist attractions, and bicycle rental to Osaka Castle by rental bicycle

How many customers come (^ _-)-☆ At this time, horror night is being held in the USJ! Please come to Osaka, by all means, this year’s Halloween
이라는 계십니다 ^ (^ _-)-☆

About 30 minutes

Osaka Castle about 10 minutes

Dotonbori, Namba area
About 15 minutes

Umeda, North area
About 20 minutes

International Exchange
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