international exchange ~ ~

We introduce one side to say ^ ^

First of all, Osaka Guest House Nest not only from within Japan

Visit Japan from all over the world

Also available to foreigners

So with foreigners

Recommended for those who want to talk and those who want to be friends! !

No problem even if you can not speak English! !

I will eliminate the language barrier in the common space

There are items of Ta-ku! ! ! !

For example, a video game! Demonstrate outstanding power! Lol

Children are also very popular because they are often used by families

Others are musical instruments! There are much staff who like music, so guitars and electronic pianos

There are several types of instruments ♫ , Of course, you can play freely ♫ ♩

Become friends with you and go sightseeing together

There are also customers who can be released ^ ^

By the way, I can walk to the New World

It is okay if you miss the last train! Lol

It feels like you can use it as a place of international exchange ♫

If you are interested!

Please drop in by all means if there is a chance to come to Osaka ^ ^

Then everyone, good night ☆ Have a good night!

Please feel free to contact us ♫

TELL: 06-6775-0220


E-mail: osaka.guesthouse.nest@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Osaka-Guesthouse-NEST-1671221889863901/

instagram: hhttps://www.instagram.com/osakaguesthousenest/?hl

International Exchange
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